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Monday, February 17th 2020

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YLW." - Chris Myden

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What happens when an airline auctions off the price of their flights?

UPDATE: *WARNING* I've heard from someone who has said that they received an e-mail from Enerjet stating that their flight had been cancelled, and their money is being refunded.

HEADS UP EVERYONE - The Enerjet ebay ticket auction is a BUST! I booked and paid for a flight last week and received an email today that the flight is cancelled. Pretty disappointed as it was part of a gift for my boyfriend to get home. They are refunding my money.

I'll try contacting Enerjet and see if they can offer up an explanation.

The other day, charter company Enerjet sent me an e-mail to tell me that they were auctioning off holiday flights between Kelowna and Calgary.

It's nice to see a Canadian company trying something a little different. I think in the last two years the only promotion out of the ordinary that I can recall seeing from Westjet or Air Canada are Westjet's 'Blue Tag Thursday' deals.

The link to the live eBay auctions can be found here:


Full details of the promotion can be found at:


I'm kind of curious to see where the prices finish up at on eBay and whether there will be any true deals to be had, or if they'll all just be bid up to market value (or higher than the same dates on AC & Westjet).

Enerjet started them at the price of the taxes & fees ($46). At the moment, it looks like the Kelowna to Calgary flight on Jan 2 is at $201.50 after taxes. Prices on Westjet and AC on the same day look to range from $225-$300 after taxes. The rest of the auctions are currently well below market value.

According to Enerjet some of the flights went for well below market value over the weekend. I did a search of their completed auctions, and it looks like they're telling the truth...

Here's a link to recently completed Enerjet auctions on eBay so you can see what they've gone for.

The Ultimate All Inclusive Deal Finder v2.0 is now live! Feedback wanted!

You might remember back in May I asked for your feedback on a test version of a tool I was building, called the Ultimate All Inclusive Deal Finder

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Yes, you can now be notified of YLW Deals by e-mail

I've had a fair number of requests over the last few months, especially from people that aren't on Facebook, asking if there was any way they could be notified by e-mail when I post a deal.

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Response from Air Canada: 'Our fares aren't guaranteed'

On Thursday I received a reply from the Air Canada executives regarding the deal to South America via airfare.com that didn't pan out. Here's what they had to say:

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So I've just heard back from Air Canada about the botched deal to South America

Dear Mr. Myden,

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Why you should *never* use airfare.com to book a flight - and my apologies for a deal that didn't pan out

So on Thursday evening I reported a deal to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile - both were showing up on airfare.com for an incredible price of $530 roundtrip after tax.

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So, I'm now blogging for a large Canadian media conglomerate

Last month, a kind soul and devoted reader took the time to point out to me that Sympatico.ca was looking to fill the position of 'Travel deal blogger' for the Travel section of their giant web portal.

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